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Are you wondering which country makes the best rugs?

We are not talking of quantity here. Some of these countries produce fewer rugs compared to other countries specializing in mass production and exportation of rugs.

Therefore, “best” refers to quality.



Iran was initially known as Persia, which means this country is known for the production of the famous Persian rugs. Persian Carpets are universally recognized as the finest of all the hand-made oriental rugs.  Below are some features of rugs produced in Iran:

High quality: Persian rugs come top of all rugs in terms of quality.

Durable: They are the most durable rugs passed from one generation to the next.

Hand-knotted: The Persian weavers use the single knot technique, which produces the best handmade rugs.

Natural materials: Most of the Persian rugs are made from silk, wool, and other highly durable natural materials. This makes them the best rugs for allergic people or best rugs baby nursery rooms.

Ancient & historical: The art of rug making can be traced back to Iran, which means they have some of the oldest rug designs some even from 300 years ago.

Highly expensive: Persian rugs are handmade, which means it can take months or years to make one rug depending on the size. Additionally, they are made from natural raw materials that are expensive and scarce. These two factors and many others make Persian rugs highly priced than other rugs.


What is the best rug pad for hardwood floors? In other words, what to put under rugs on hardwood floors to stop slipping, folding and curling of the rug into bumps.

Area rugs protect hardwood floors by keep away stains, discoloration and rotting caused by water, dirt debris and other things.

When small area rugs are placed on hardwood floors without any furniture or heavy object to anchor them down, they tend to migrate from one place to the next. This is very dangerous because it can result in slip/fall accidents.

Therefore you need a rug pad or carpet pads for area rugs on hardwood floors to safely secure the rugs and help to keep them in place.


This Felt Rubber All Surface Rug Pad is the best rug pad for hardwood floors. Its also the most recommended choice among customers and rug retailers.

Slip resistant: It has a double-sided backing for maximum grip. The rubber side holds on to the floor providing a non-skid surface while the felt side perfectly attaches to the rug backing.

Plush feel: The rug pad is ¼ inches thick a property which helps to add cushioning and warmth to the under feet.

Material: You will discover that a rug pad made from a combination of felt and rubber is one of the most recommended choices for hardwood floors which makes this a great option.

Country: This rug is made in the USA which means the needs of many households are featured in the process of its manufacture. 

Popularity: It has close to 3000 customer reviews on Amazon and its described as an Amazon best seller and Amazon choice which means people who have tried it have been pleased with the results.   Note:  These pads are hard to cut and I recommend to my customers that they take the rug measurements to a local rug dealer who sells this type of rubber/felt pad and have them cut it for you.