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Ultra Rare Signed and Dated Persian Heriz Hspl-275

A very rare and special Persian Heriz. The size is 12.10 x 10.1 and it is a signed Persian Heriz dated (Islamic year) 1353 which translates to 1934. The weavers in Heriz don’t sign their work on religious grounds and such a signed rug is so rare it is more than likely one of a handful of signed Herizs in the world!
In perfect new condition, incredibly beautiful design and colors, and the wool is the finest lamb Kork wool which the Azerbaijan region of NW Iran is famous for. The signature contains the date and the weave’s name, Hadji Mirza Akhavan.
Hadji is a title and prefix that is awarded to a person who has successfully completed the Hajj (“pilgrimage”) to Mecca. The knotting (see photo) is the finest that I have ever seen in a Heriz, small and very straight. As expected, this gentleman was an expert weaver of the highest level. This carpet was stored by a Persian collector for many years in Iran, and imported before the embargo.  Because it was wrapped and stored, the colors and entire carpet are as new, a true museum piece. No finer antique signed Heriz could possibly exist!  I had never seen a signed Heriz, only in rare antique carpet books and I was thrilled to have the chance to obtain such a wonderful rug. $6500     Hspl-275   Weight 83 Lbs.


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