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Rare Caucasian Primitive Rug C-253

A beautiful antique primitive rug from the steps of the Caucasian mountains of Russia.  It has natural vegetable dyes with medium pile and is in excellent condition.   The size is 5.9 x 6.7.  The Caucasian region lies above Turkey and Russia and inhabited by a fiercely independent people whose rug weaving dates back as far as Persian rugs.  Rarely available, these make wonderful additions to any home.  My wholesale price is $795.  C-253

The existence of the Caucasian tribe peoples depended entirely on their ability to cultivate a simple lifestyle, along with a deep understanding of the natural forces which governed them. They learned to find strength and inspiration in the harsh, yet majestic mountain surroundings. By living a life of almost continuous physical activity, they learned to tap into the instinctive nature hidden within to guide them.

The Caucasian nomads often knew only two environments during their entire lifetimes: the high mountain meadow to which they brought their sheep to graze during the summer, and the deep valley below in which they waited out the winter. He lived in either a small tent blackened with smoke or a “kosh,” a dimly lit sod hut literally dug out of a hillside. The nomads learned to have gratitude for anything that provided comfort or beauty, and gratitude that he had life itself.

Perhaps as an expression of the deep joy of a people living and working close to the earth, the tribespeople wove rugs. As a whole, antique Caucasian carpets possess an individuality, a boldness and deep sense of unity which is unsurpassed in the world of antique Oriental rugs.  These designs were created as they wove without benefit of printed designs to follow.  The weaver created the patterns so no two are the same. Ultra rare and very collectable.

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