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Persian Kurdish Tribal Oriental Rug  K-494

A beautiful antique Kurdish tribal rug from the Kordestan Province of Iran that borders Iraq and is West of Tehran.  Very fine knotting.  The Kurds get their wool from their own sheep, dye it in small pots, and the women spin and weave it into rugs using just their memory of traditional designs and colors of their tribe.  No two of these rugs are the same.  Very fine knotting, this is a perfect example of primitive weaving at its best.  The size is 4.9 x 9.3 and it Circa 1920, in excellent antique condition with medium pile and no damage or issues.   Wholesale at $595       V-494

 The beauty of Persian carpets is timeless and never goes out of fashion.  This will be enjoyed for generations to come.  Persian Carpets are the original that others copy and are appreciated and valued worldwide.

I sell Persian carpets below U.S. Wholesale; I only sell a few carefully selected genuine fine Hand-knotted Persian Carpets (top 10%) and for less than anyone.  My web site, list my current selection with photos, description, and prices.  I’m retired and work out of my home, no overhead, low markup, no stress, and no dissatisfied customers allowed, it’s a hobby.  Take a few minutes and visit and see how affordable really fine and beautiful carpets can be.  I only sell Persian carpets that are either new or antique in excellent condition, my buyer’s agent carefully checked each rug, no repairs, stains, heavy wear, damage, or other issues allowed.  All carpets are professionally cleaned before leaving Iran (by law). 


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