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Persian Ardahkan 10 x 13.6 AR-60

An excellent example from the village of Ardahkan with wonderful colors that have mellowed with age.  It’s 70 plus years old and in excellent plus condition with no repairs, stains, or other issues. 

Ardahkan is in the Northwest corner of Yazd province on Route 71 which is the highway that skirts the salt desert. Even though it is between Yazd and Nain it almost always draws its designs from Kashan. Historically it is a center of camel raising, and a few rugs, especially older large size rarely come on the market, and most rarely in this condition.  My price is $1450 with a retail of at least 6K.                                               AR-60

Original price was: $1,450.00.Current price is: $1,095.00.

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