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New Persian Sarouk 9′ x 12′ S-49

A magnificent Persian Sarouk with an incredible 400 knots psi! The actual size is 9.1 x 12.6 feet.inches in new, mint condition using the Mohajeran design on a beige field and antique Salmon border. Traditionally Sarouks came with either a red or navy field but this lighter beige is very nice. It has soft premium Kork wool from lambs.  Sarouks are among the very best of the Persian carpets with a dense, tightly woven pile that will last and passed down for generations. Only 1 in 2000 rugs have this high knot count due to the time, expertise, and cost it takes to weave this fine a carpet, and only a very few weavers have this skill level.  My agent found this at a great price and I pass this along to my customers. My way below wholesale price is $1600 with a retail of $10-12K.


SKU S-49

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