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New Persian Heriz 9 x 12′ H-55

A stunning new Persian Heriz of fine quality.  Heriz carpets are woven in N.W. Iran in the town of Heriz but most are made in surrounding villages.  A few and best are made in Heriz proper and this is one and it stands out for the fineness of the knotting and how tightly they are packed.  The size is 8.8 x 11.10 and is made using the softness lamb wool and the best combination of the rich colors and design indigenous to Heriz.  Heriz rugs are renowned for their long wearing quality and have been found in American home since Colonial times, both in living and dining rooms. My agent in Iran found this at a great price so I can pass it on to you at $2550.  The retail of this carpet will be 10-12K or more.  Go online and see what dealers are selling average low to mid-quality Persian Herizs in this size for.  The beauty of Persian carpets are timeless and never go out of fashion.  This will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Go to to see my current selection.  I only sell genuine fine Persian Carpets (top 10%) and for less that anyone, I’m retired and work out of my home.  Visit my web site for other carpets with information on size and cost.  All carpets are professional cleaned before leaving Iran (by law).

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