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New Pazyryk “World’s Oldest” Oriental Rug 8×8  PZ-347

The exact size is 8.1 x 8.3.  A hand knotted copy of the world’s oldest Oriental Rug.  $1795

This is a recreation of the “Pazyryk” rug, the oldest known surviving rug in the world. In a unique archaeological excavation in 1949, the exceptional Pazyryk carpet was found in the grave of a Scythian Prince, buried under the ice of Pazyryk Valley, in the Altai Mountains of Siberia.

Radiocarbon testing indicates that the Pazyryk carpet was woven in the 5th century BC. This famous carpet is 283 by 200 cm (approximately 9.3 by 6.5 ft.) and has 36 symmetrical “Turkish” knots per cm² (232 per inch). The advanced weaving technique used in the Pazyryk carpet indicates a long history of evolution and experience in the art of carpet weaving. Its central field is a deep red color, and it has two wide borders, one depicting deer and the other Assyrian or Babylonian horsemen.  This is now housed in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I commissioned these to be woven in Northern Afghanistan by a small workshop specializing in hand spun natural dyes exactly like the original.  A seven-month project working in the most difficult part of the rug weaving world.  The wool from northern Afghanistan is the longest wearing due to the type of sheep and the cold climate.  Perfect for a library, study, office, or anywhere it can be admired.

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