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New Natural Dyed Heriz 4.9 x 6.5 A-82

A beautiful recreation of a 19th C. Persian Heriz carpet using hand carded and hand spun wool hand dyed using natural dyes.  Exactly the way all handmade carpets were woven before the advent of synthetic dyes in 1900.  These are made by skilled Afghan weavers using the finest wool from northern Afghanistan and natural dyes from plants, tree bark, walnuts, and other natural materials.  Natural dyed wool when woven into rugs have a wonderful patina, not monochromatic like modern dyed wool.  Size 4.9 x 6.5    Cost $549

I sell Persian and Afghan carpets below U.S. Wholesale, I only sell genuine fine Hand knotted  Carpets (top 10%) and for less that anyone.  My web site, list my current selection with photos, description, and prices.  I’m retired and work out of my home, no overhead, no stress, it’s a hobby.  Take a few minutes and visit and see how affordable really fine and beautiful carpets can be.  I only sell carpets that are either new or in excellent conditions, my buyer’s agent carefully checks each rug, no repairs, stains, heavy wear, damage, or other issues allowed.  All carpets are professional cleaned before being imported into the U.S. (by law).

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