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New Afghan Natural Dye Runner A-412

A beautiful new recreation of a 19th C. Persian Carpet from a small Afghan workshop in Lahore Pakistan.  It uses hand carded and hand spun Afghan wool, and hand dyed using all natural dyes.  It’s exactly the way all handmade carpets were woven before the advent of synthetic dyes.  Weaving and dying the wool on this type of rug takes much longer and cost a bit more.   The many colors and shades allow this rug to coordinate with most decors while being the focal point of any room.  A really beautiful example of the weavers art.  The size is 3.10 x 5.8.  This carpet was brand new. Clean and never used.  A few Afghans fled the fighting in Afghanistan years ago and set up weavings’ shops in Lahore.  These are 100% Afghan rugs but carry the “Made in Pakistan” label.  A really beautiful runner made the same way as rugs were made a thousand years ago, a real treasure to be enjoyed every day for a lifetime.    My wholesale Price $695

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