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Incredible Antique Nomadic Oriental Rug  V-509

A primitive nomadic rug Circa 1870 in its purest form.  All-natural vegetable dyed with abrash (small dye lots) and the weaver created the design free hand.  The size is 3.6 x 8.3.  No pattern was used and the weaver incorporated small design elements like horses, camels, and other familiar elements into the design.  Over the many years the natural dyes have muted and as an example the deep blue field dye has returned to its constituent’s colors.  This is a beautiful representation of a nomadic primitive weaving and we are very fortunate that it survived these 150 years.  This is a piece of art more so than a rug.  From an age long past, this was carefully cared for in Iran and now ready to be a cherished addition in some lucky home.  $895               V-509

The beauty of Persian carpets is timeless and never goes out of fashion.  This will be enjoyed for generations to come.  Persian Carpets are the original that others copy and are appreciated and valued worldwide.

I sell Persian and other fine carpets below U.S. Wholesale; I only sell a few carefully selected for less than anyone.  My web site, list my current selection with photos, description, and prices.  I’m retired and located  in Northern Virginia, I sell nationwide no overhead, low markup, no stress, and no dissatisfied customers allowed, it’s a hobby.  Take a few minutes and visit and see how affordable really fine and beautiful carpets can be.  With Persian carpets these are either new or vintage in excellent condition, my buyer’s agent carefully checked each rug, no repairs, stains, heavy wear, damage, or other issues allowed.  All Persian carpets are professionally cleaned before leaving Iran (by law).  With Turkish, India, and Pakistan rugs these are new and clean.


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