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Incrediable Persian Tribal Qashqai Rug Q-188

A fascinating primitive rug from the Qashqai people of Western Iran, size 6.5 x 9.3.  The design shows various animals, birds, flowers, and other items familiar to the woman who wove the rug. She created this freehand, not using a pattern but an overall design and colors tradition to her tribe and added her own touch in the field with the animals.  It has hand spun wool and all-natural dyes, the wool surely from their own sheep and the wool dyed by the men of the tribe.  The Qashqai nomads, also known as Ghashghaei, are a nomadic tribe originally from Turkey, who keep moving across the Zagros Mountains, a mountain range located in western Iran, which kind of draws the border with Iraq. The condition and pile is excellent with no damage, repairs, or issues.  I’m told this dates to around 1880 and if so a remarkable survivor in this great condition.  A really great and beautiful rug from times long past and a great bargain at $695.                        Q-188


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