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Hand knotted Recreation of a 19th C. Persian Carpet         A-57

A beautiful New recreation of a 19th C. Persian Carpet from a small workshop in Afghanistan using hand carded and hand spun wool, and hand dyed using natural dyes.  It’s exactly the way all handmade carpets were woven before the advent of synthetic dyes in 1900.  A great size for a den, library or living room.  The many colors and shades allow this rug to coordinate with most decors while being the focal point of any room.  A really beautiful example of the weavers art.  The size is 9.4. x 12.1.  This carpet was brand new but used by me in my home for 16 month. And is still like new and clean.  For this reason I am selling at my cost of $1230.

IMPORTANT—This rug may have been sold.  Check my web site WWW.RUGNET.COM for accurate inventory listings.

At one time when I had my retail shop, I imported these natural dyed rugs from this workshop in Afghanistan and they sold out immediately. I first met the owner Habib in the 80s when he was still making rugs using natural dyes like all rugs before 1900.  He also uses hand carded and hand spun wool like was used in all antique rugs, getting the wool from northern Afghanistan which, due to the cold climate, is the world’s best for rugs.  Just about all his small production goes to Europe but I have started to buy again a few pieces just because of their history, beauty and value.  The beauty of natural dye rugs is undeniable and a treasure for a lifetime.    A-180

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