Antique Qashqai Nomadic Rug 5×8 Q-227

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Persian Village rug from the Qashqai region of Iran. Circa 1940, this has medium pile and is in excellent condition with no repairs, damage, or issues. The majority of Qashqai people were originally nomadic pastoralists and some remain so today. The traditional nomadic Qashqai travelled with their flocks twice yearly to and from the summer highland pastures north of Shiraz roughly 480 km or 300 miles south to the winter pastures on lower (and warmer) lands near the Persian Gulf, to the southwest of Shiraz. The size is 4.8 x 7.8 and has old vegetable dyes which has aged to a beautiful patina. My wholesale price is $455

The wool from this rug would have come from their own sheep and it has all wool, pile, warp, and weft. The women who wove these rugs used a ground loom and create the designs from memory using traditional colors and design elements of that tribe. They sometimes express themselves individually by incorporating small features like flowers, animals, people, and other items that they like and are familiar with so no two rugs are ever the same. These are original works of art from the distant past to be cherished in a home for generations to come.

The beauty of Persian carpets is timeless and never go out of fashion. This will be enjoyed for generations to come. Persian Carpets are the original that others copy and are appreciated and valued world-wide.

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