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Antique Persian Village Oriental Rug 4×9   V-209

A beautiful village rug from the NW Heriz region of old Persia.  The size is 4.0 x 8.10 and Circa 1900-1920, it has excellent pile and no stains, repairs, or other damage.  Old vegetable dyes that have aged to a wonderful patina with strong abrash. This was woven a village and is considered a primitive weaving.  This spent its life in old Persia treasured and cared for by someone before coming to the U.S.  The design is created, not from a pattern but rather freehand by the woman using natural dyes she created, hand carded the wool from their own sheep, she spun the wool and dyed it in small pots.  Allowed to dry, she warped her loom and commenced weaving.  A small female child usually by her side learning this important skill.  Ka-353    $895

The appearance of a deviations within the same color is called abrash.  Abrash is seen in traditionally dyed oriental rugs. Its occurrence suggests that a single weaver has likely woven the carpet, who did not have enough time or resources to prepare a sufficient quantity of dyed yarn to complete the rug. Only small batches of wool were dyed from time to time. When one batch of wool was used up, the weaver continued with the newly dyed batch. Because the exact hue of color is rarely met again when a new batch is dyed, the color of the pile changes when a new row of knots is woven in. As such, the color variation suggests a village or tribal woven rug, and is appreciated as a sign of quality and authenticity. Abrash can also be introduced on purpose into a newly planned carpet design. Some new rugs incorporate abrash into the design.

The beauty of Persian carpets is timeless and never go out of fashion.  This will be enjoyed for generations to come.  Persian Carpets are the original that others copy and are appreciated and valued world-wide.

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