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Antique Persian Super Heriz 10 x 12 H-127

A most incredible Persian Heriz, the size is 9.10 x 13.1 and has the finest knotting I have ever seen in a Heriz.  Such fineness that is never done today and in a rug that is 70 years old but never used or on the floor.  The colors are as new and the design is very detailed and very beautiful.  This was woven by a master weaver using the finest dyes and wool and probably was specially commission.  The information I have is it came from a Swiss collector’s estate who had it rolled up in his collection for many years and finally acquired by a N.Y. dealer/collector who kept it rolled, only showing it occasionally. This is so dense and heavy the weight is over 110 Lbs., 40% more than an equivalent size average Heriz. I now offer it to an advance collector or someone who wants the finest antique Persian Heriz there must be.  $4900 with a retail of 20-30K.


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