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Antique Persian Heriz H-206

Circa 1st quarter of 19th C., this incredible jewel is in excellent condition surviving 100 years of careful care. Very finely knotter, the size is  7.3 x 11.2 and the antique colors are magnificent and beautiful that only natural dyes and age can achieve.  The rarity of this carpet lies in its rich Green color rarely found in Persian rugs, especially old ones along with the antique black border.  From my earliest days I was told it was because it was the prophets coat color and not to be trod upon.  Latter I learned it was a very difficult and expensive color to make which, to my way of thinking, was a more reasonable reason for it’s rarity.  In any case this is a remarkable and beautiful Heriz that any collector or homeowner would be proud to own.   $2450    with a Retail of 11-12K            H-206



The beauty of Persian carpets is timeless and never go out of fashion.  This will be enjoyed for generations to come.  Persian Carpets are the original that others copy and are appreciated and valued world-wide.

I sell Persian carpets below U.S. Wholesale, I only sell genuine fine Hand knotted Persian Carpets (top 10%) and for less that anyone.  My web site, list my current selection with photos, description, and prices.  I’m retired and work out of my home, no overhead, no stress, no dissatisfied customers, it’s a hobby.  Take a few minutes and visit and see how affordable really fine and beautiful carpets can be.  I only sell Persian carpets that are either new or in excellent conditions, my buyer’s agent carefully checks each rug, no repairs, stains, heavy wear, damage, or other issues allowed.  All carpets are professional cleaned before leaving Iran (by law). 

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