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Antique Persian “Sampler”. V-176

These were woven by young girls in the various weaving villages to demonstrate their rug wearing skill and as part of their dowry. Just like the English and American “Samplers” of the 18th and 19th C. where girls used stitching to demonstrate their skills to be useful as a future bride. These Persian samplers (I don’t know the Iranian name) are rare as only one would be made and not intended to be sold. The girls use traditional colors and designs elements of her village to knot a small rug to demonstrate her weaving skill which would be an important source of imcome once married. The size is 2.10 x 3.8. These could be used as wall décor or on a table top. I don’t know what village this came from but told its dates to around 1930. Excellent condition.  $75


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