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A Persian Tribal Rug. V-145


A beautiful tribal weaving from one of the nomadic tribes of southern Iran.  It is 4.9 x 10.10 and in excellent condition.  I’m told that it was woven in the first half of the 19th C. and has spent its life in Iran.  Traditionally, the nomadic tribes have kept large herds of sheep and goats, which have provided the main source of red meat for Iran. During migrations the tribes trade their live animals, wool, hair, hides, dairy products, and various knotted and woven textiles with villagers and townspeople in return for manufactured and agricultural goods that the nomads are unable to produce. This economic interdependence between the nomadic and settled populations of Iran has been an important characteristic of society for several centuries. This would be great as a living room piece or perhaps an office or study.         Cost $510 CLOSEOUT PRICE

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