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Linda G.
San Pedro, Calif

Purchased a large room rug from this company a few months ago. Beautiful coloration and craftsmanship. Excellent price and delivered quickly. I had it appraise at triple by my rug cleaner who is also a retail seller. Very pleased

Susan P-D

What a beautiful rug! There is always a concern that my computer monitor doesn't represent something accurately. It was helpful that the description mentioned the colors. It tied everything in the new condo together perfectly. Rugnet allowed me to delay delivery until the condo was purchased as well. I highly recommend this vendor.

Sally R

I highly recommend purchasing from Rugnet. My husband and I wanted an antique, vintage rug but were not very knowledgeable about them. My husband found Rugnet online because of a recommendation from another customer. We had shopped around enough to know that the prices we were seeing on Rugnet were excellent. We reached out to Mr. Elsea and the phone conversation not only answered our questions but put our minds at ease that Emmert Elsea was someone we could trust. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about the art, culture and people behind Persian rugs. We now have two Karajeh rugs from him that are beautiful and rare pieces of art. Thank you for your great service!

Erik S

I have bought oriental rugs since 1986. I first bought them in Richmond VA. I recently found Rugnet and purchased two older Persian and one tribal rug. I live in Oregon but found the Rugnet collection high quality and their prices very fair. I also found the description of the rugs to be accurate. They shipped all the way to Oregon free of charge which impressed me. If I have a need for further Orientals I will surely look to Rugnet to see what they have.

Jan W

Stong recommendation for RugNet. Honest, fair and gracious. I recently purchased two very nice carpets from Rugnet. I received excellent advice and guidance. No hard sell. Carpet prices were very fair for what I bought. What a pleasurable way of buying a carpet. No haggling/ pressure or quality concerns. AAA. Thank you!

Natalie B
Loveland, CO

I would highly recommend buying a carpet from RugNet. You are not just purchasing a rug, but rather a beautiful work of art that also serves a functional purpose, and makes a beautiful home look even more beautiful. Take a look at the Behind the Scenes tab to get an idea of the history and craftsmanship that goes into each carpet. When I made my on line purchase, I received an immediate email confirmation, as well as a personal email from Mr. Elsea regarding care and shipment time. The carpet arrived within a week, despite snow, and holiday business. The carpet is in perfect condition, and I could not be happier with my purchase. Thank you again Mr. Elsea!

Annette H
Griffin, GA

It was a pleasure working with Emmert. My rug is beautiful and it was so easy to order, receive and pay for it. I would highly recommend Rugnet!!

Carolina C
Chevy Chase, Maryland

After a trip to Azerbaijan and Iran I really wanted a Persian rug and was heartbroken I didn’t work harder to find a way to buy it there. Once I came back home I had been searching for a couple years when across Mr. Elsea’s website. I was gladly surprised by his exquisite selection, excellent prices, kindness, honesty and professionalism. Due to an unfortunate mix-up with the shipping company (not because of Mr. Elsea’s fault), the package took over 10 days to arrive. However, Mr. Elsea went above and beyond to address the issue, made multiple phone calls to managers and made sure I got my rug. The rug looks absolutely wonderful in my living room, and I will buy again from him! (I used her beautiful village rug photo on RugNet main page in Area Rugs. E. Elsea)

Liza G
Benicia, CA

I had been looking to purchase my first Persian rug for a long time. I came across RugNet during my search. The rugs looked beautiful and the prices were amazing. I had my reservations about buying a rug online - not being able to see it in person and not being able to meet the person behind selling the rugs. However, it turned out to be a pleasant experience. The pictures do a good job representing the rug. There weren’t any surprises when it arrived. The rug is in excellent condition and beautiful. Emert was very pleasant to communicate with and he responded to my emails quickly. I agree with other reviewers. Although my experience with him is limited, I can tell he is a man of integrity. I love my rug. I would definitely purchase from RugNet again.

Jerry S
Melfa VA.

We purchased a 9 X 12 rug from Rug Net about a month ago. We have no buyers regret. We drove to Emmert's home base to view several rugs and decided on a nice signed rug to replace the worn rug we had. Emmert was a wealth of knowledge, there was no pressure and it was a pleasant experience.

The true Persian rugs are becoming less available due to import duties on Iran. We should be able to enjoy this quality carpet for years to come.


William T
Washington, DC

I have been lucky enough to visit Emmert in person (twice!). The first time in Nov '18 - we selected a deeply hued Heriz. Last week, we selected a bright & cheery Heriz for a bedroom as well as a stunning tribal runner attributed to N. Iran because of the regional influence of Caucasus design elements. That is the experience of working with Emmert, in that he has extensively traveled the area and understands the culture & influences that help to give context to these stunning works of art. His professionalism, customer care, follow through are exemplary.

I have bought rugs from the fancy places on Wisconsin Ave N.W. DC - no names. Good experience, but their pricing was not transparent. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Emmert without the need to haggle.

The rugs speak for themselves - quality rugs, one-of-a-kind, accurately described, well photographed & makes any room "come alive". Bill

Heather B
Potsdam, NY

This rug is beautiful! I would highly recommend buying your rugs here. Emmert is knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and helpful. My rug arrived in record time, and it is gorgeous. I researched Emmert before I made this purchase and found several articles about him (e.g., Washington Post) regarding his testimony against fraudulent rug dealers. I am so happy I found this company, and I look forward to doing more business with them in my future.

Mette L
Middleway, WV

What a wonderful experience doing business with Emmert. He is truly a wonderful businessman with integrity, and sells beautiful pieces.
I’m looking forward to future transactions, and am delighted to refer business, even my family members, to him.

Vicki B
Whitefish Montana

I cannot say enough about the great experience I had purchasing a rug with RugNet. From start to rug delivery, all communications with Emmert were timely, informative and honest. I love my rug, I am a satisfied customer and will be purchasing more rugs from RugNet.

Rebecca T
Laporte, PA

We are absolutely amazed at the high quality of the Persian rugs we just purchased from Emmert. They are truly works of art that we will cherish forever. You will not find better anywhere at such a reasonable price!

Cathy M
Williamsburg, VA

Our new rug is beyond our expectations. It looks absolutely beautiful in our family room. The dark blue looks almost black-exactly what we were looking for! Thank you so much for your expert guidance. It was truly an enjoyable experience purchasing this rug from you!

Scott H
McLean, Virginia

Emmert is awesome and willing to take time to talk carpets ... he is very knowledgeable. Emmert's carpets are the best I have seen ... and I have looked for awhile. You just can't find these types of rugs at this price. Very glad I found Emmert ... just wished I had more rooms for carpets.

Kathy M
Belgrade, Maine

Highly recommend. Mr Elsea is very knowledgeable and accommodating. Purchasing rugs from him was pure bliss, not to mention how much joy the high quality beautifully hand woven rug brings me. Thank you Emmert! P.S. Keep feeding the squirrels:)

Wendy J
Peekskill, New York

We are thrilled with the stupendous village rug we just bought--and at an extraordinarily great price. The entire process was swift and easy. We were shocked to receive the rug within a couple days, having expected it to take weeks. Emmert is SO knowledgeable and when I gaze at this intriguing rug I feel I'm taking a stroll through history. We will treasure this artful rug, will most definitely buy another, and are super grateful to Emmert for the opportunity to own this wonderful piece of history.

Eve R
Cumberland, ME

Wowsa! If you have found Rugnet, you have found the motherlode of stunning carpets at the best prices. Emmert is an aficionado of quality and design. His inventory is exquisite! If you can treat yourself to "art on the floor," do it NOW. Before I scoop up the one you're pining for... 🙂

Danny P
Kannapolis, NC

I bought my third rug from Rugnet, but only got to see it recently because I sent it to my daughter. Another excellent buy. I'm just learning about Persian rugs. I've found there are some cheaper prices on Ebay but the quality is a crap shoot (you get what you pay for). Emmert seems to have a top buyer's agent finding only the best. Plus, I've found his prices beat the local rug shops by about half.

Danny P
Kannapolis, NC

In my June 7th review I said I would be back. Had no idea it would be so soon. Love the second rug. A great buy. Like it the more I look at it, but I believe my daughter and son in law will be stealing this one from me. Thanks again Emmert.

Carla & Dudley L

We have purchased 3 rugs from Emmert since the end of January. We had been looking for 6 months prior to our first purchase. I will never buy from anyone but Emmert. He is so knowledgable and we have learned so much. We have several more to buy. Very pleased with our purchases.

Danny P
Kannapolis, NC

First and foremost Emmert is just a straight up guy. His knowledge is second to none and his prices can't be beat. Especially for the quality of the rugs he sells. Google his name and you'll learn of a man of integrity. Love my new rug. I'll be back.

Jill J
Vienna, VA

I am so thrilled to have discovered you and the treasure trove. A month ago I was so ecstatic to purchase a fine quality rug at an extraordinary price, I knew I would be back to see you. Yesterday’s purchase of a perfect one for our dining room was as pleasurable, and I had to buy yet another for the bedroom. The superior value for these beautiful pieces of art was too good to overlook. You are so generous with your information on Persian rugs. Can I please come back just to learn some more? Thank you for an unparalleled experience and absolutely amazing carpets.

Jim M
Vienna, VA

I sent an email before reading the appraisal. WOW! I had no idea. I am so lucky to have found you. It was such a pleasurable learning experience. Thank you so very much.



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