A Tibetan Refugee and I

I met this Tibetan Refugee in India. He escaped the Chinese invasion of Tibet with the rugs pictured. I purchased these two rugs from him and is still part of my collection.

Baluch Nomads

The Baluch nomads weave small rugs from wool from their own sheep and goats.

Hospitality of a Turkoman Host

Having a wonderful meal with my Turkoman host somewhere in the Khyber Pass. Note: no utensils or chairs but an old carpet on the floor and in an ancient building.

Tibetan Man with Spindle

Tibetan Man using a primate drop spindle to spin wool, mainly for clothes but also small rugs. Tibet is a harsh but beautiful land.

Busy on a Loom

Busy on a loom. Large rugs will have 3 or more weavers tying knots. The curved knife is used to cut the yarn once knotted.