The traditional Iranian method of washing rugs and carpets fresh off the loom is to take them to the local river. Here it seems to be a mixture of different types of rugs, some from the Tribal Kurds and others are Hamadas plus a tribal Tabriz design. Modern workshops and in areas not near running […]

How they are dried.

A modern misconception is that handmade oriental rugs are fragile, this is not the case.

More drying

Note: never have your handmade rug dry cleaned, this removed the lanolin in the wool which shortens its life.

Some happy monks

In my many trips and time with the Tibetan in India, Nepal, and Tibet I never saw anger or sadness with any of the monks.

Making Tibetan tea

Traditionally, it is made from special tea leaves, yak butter, water, and salt. Since butter is the main ingredient, butter tea provides plenty of caloric energy and is particularly suited to high, cold altitudes. It is churned vigorously and served hot.

Women with small child

The prayer wheels they are holding is a hollow cylinder containing many hand-written prayers on a roll of rice paper mounted on a handle. When spun it sends these prayers heavenward assuring good Karma.

A Tibetan Refugee and I

I met this Tibetan Refugee in India. He escaped the Chinese invasion of Tibet with the rugs pictured. I purchased these two rugs from him and is still part of my collection.

Baluch Nomads

The Baluch nomads weave small rugs from wool from their own sheep and goats.