My Journey from Soldier to Oriental Rug Retailer

Finding a few fine and rare Oriental rugs, the best of the Persians is my hobby and passion and has been since I was a young man. Fresh out of the Army in 1966, I backpacked from Europe thru the Middle East to India where I first saw these wonderful rugs being made along the way and thus set my future course.


I became an oriental rug retailer, importer and wholesaler for over 30 years but now I’m retired. I still enjoy using my contacts to find a few top quality hand-made rugs at special prices for individuals who appreciate the lasting beauty of this art form. Most people know little about oriental rugs, it’s a specialized field so when you buy a Persian or another carpet from me you will be getting not only a really great price but a carpet that guest who know rugs will compliment you on, and so will everyone else.

Only Highly Selected Quality Persian Rugs

Like most things quality shows and for that reason I don’t sell “market goods”, only the top 10% from the looms of master weavers. I carry a small inventory of the finest Persian carpets plus special rugs from Afghanistan that I specially selected for its high quality, beauty, and value. I buy direct at great prices and am able to sell at these low prices.

Persian carpets are the original and have been treasured world-wide for centuries. Other countries copy these designs but they don’t have the quality of wool, investment or prestige of genuine Persian carpets. I find special rugs now as a hobby and have a very modest markup. You skip the N.Y. Importers and Retailers with their high markups as all the rugs I sell are at or below wholesale prices, clean, and of the finest quality. Great carpets from Persian looms should be affordable and my prices are far below what you can find online or in shops.  I will offer an antique or semi-antique piece and the condition will be noted.

It’s an item that will be admired and cherished every day for a lifetime and passed on to the next generation as a heirloom. Classical Persian rugs never go out of fashion. Contact me, I would love to answer questions, discuss your needs and what is available.

Note on Antique and Semi-Antique Carpets

I have now expanded my selections to include area rugs and Runners.  Most of these rugs will be antique pieces from old Persia. I have always loved the more primitive village and tribal weavings out of Iran and let me explain why.  With most carpets, past and present, the weaver uses a design drawn on graph paper by a professional designer where each colored square represents a knot.  These are the “City or Sophisticated” rugs with their flowing lines and complicated designs. 

In village or tribal rugs, the weaver, usually a woman, creates the design as she ties the knots, from her memory, of designs traditional to that village or people.  She may add whimsical items and her design usually is not perfectly centered or symmetrical.  No two of these rugs were ever the same, totally unique, and now having survived 80-100 years the colors have muted and many have also become incredibly beautiful.

Being antique you will need to accept wear, not being perfectly straight or square in some cases, different dye lots having been used (abrash), or other characteristics not acceptable in new or “City” rugs.  Also many of these old rugs will have used natural dyes which is a beauty in itself. 

There are so many rug weaving villages in Iran that I often find it difficult in identifying exactly where the rug originated so I will often list the providence or geographic area of the country where I think it came from.   

I have selected the nicest pieces in my eye and experience.  I hope you enjoy these rugs as much as I do but I still offer a 7-day in-home trial.  Send back for a full purchase refund.